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from Nordstrom

Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra

Love this! Comfy and seamless nursing bra. -- for next time

The Type 2′s Body Language: Walking: Comfortable stride, feet closer to ground, soft-footed Sitting: Drape in chairs in S-curves, important for them to feel comfortable Voice: Most quiet, subdued, muted, can sound like mumbling Doodling: S-curves, connected lines, softer impressions Type 2 movement is connected, which shows up in doodling. Personal space: Detail-oriented, make piles to organize, often hang onto things

i really just like this little sequence here

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To control (neutralize) a woman, 1. Shame her. 2. Bribe her. 3. Threaten her children. 4. Create animosity between her and her friends. 5. Energize her insecurity. 6. Call her crazy. 7. Tell her she's "overthinking"

Giving children autonomy over their bodies teaches them that hey are in charge of how their bodies are treated.

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I Worried, by Mary Oliver (from the book Swan)