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I've never felt this satisfied before - 9GAG>>> it's so beautiful it literally hurts. Literally. In. My. Heart.

I've never felt this satisfied before

I did not put a explanation mark because I'm just so calmed down. This makes my OCD happy

cool This is not a room. This is the inside of a violin.

Photographs taken from the inside of musical instruments, making them look like large and spacious rooms - the inside of a Cello. What if we were to design a room with skylights shaped so the room appeared to be the inside of an instrument.

I've been there! Of course, the memorial I toured is probably non-existent now, but it was beautiful 11 years ago.

What the f**k is that made of?

What the f**k is that made of?<<<is the arch that was in the wolverine film?

Huh.  Dad was Air Force, Grandpa was Navy, uncles/cousins are Army and Marines.  Not sure if I'm allowed to laugh at this.

Army Survival Guide My brother and dad were Army and my hubs and another brother of mine are Marines. Love the sibling military rivalry.

I actually posted this to stand in disagreement of it. Recently there was an Irish soldier who wore a pink dress to his buddy's funeral.  They had an agreement that whom ever survived had to wear it to the other's funeral. This may have just been their friends request.

This insults the National Guard and I don't like that. Does anyone know the truth behind this? It seems bogus.

My favorite badass soldier quote

Funny pictures about Badass soldier. Oh, and cool pics about Badass soldier. Also, Badass soldier.