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Zip pouch made from handwoven fabric. I wouldn't even have to worry about how neatly the edges came out. I could cut them off and/or hide them in the seams!

Ticking - A tightly woven, very durable fabric made of cotton and used for work clothes, covering mattresses and pillows and can be made by using a plain, satin or twill weave construction originally of a blue and cream vertical striped fabric to make “ticks”.

Satin weave is a more flexible type of weave than the plain weave but it is more complicated. In this weave construction, the interlacing of the threads are arranged in such a way that the face of the cloth is covered with the warp yarn or filling yarn and no twill line is distinguishable. It is made by "floating" warp or weft yarns across many yarns to bring them to the surface.

from Growing Up Gabel

Easy Gluten Free Waffles

Easy Gluten Free Waffles from Growing Up Gabel are made with almond flour for a delicious #glutenfree #breakfast! #recipe

Denim Shirting Fabric. Denim is made with a colored yarn in the warp and white in the weft, but is woven in a twill construction.


Nuova collezione Lazzari autunno-inverno 2013-14: l'abbigliamento donna on line Made in Italy

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Il marchio della Moda 100% made in Puglia. Logo e marchio del network del settore Tessile - Abbigliamento - Calzaturiero (TAC) 100% made in Puglia. Il carattere forte e solido del lettering viene addolcito dal nastro tricolore, orgoglio e garanzia della qualità dei prodotti e dell'eccellenza dei marchi associati. -