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Landscape idea-i love that this isn't just a straight concrete path to the side yard. And i love that they put a planter on the other side of it. So often the planter is next to the house and there is just grass on the other side.

Dichondra repens perfect groundcover for warm climates. doesn't need to be mowed, soft and squishy to play on, can be walked on, fills awkward spaces.looks like dense clover, only greener and softer. It spreads by underground runners but doesn't get carried away. just fills in where it's needed and looks good.best in full sun with deep, occasional watering, zone 9-11.keep fed weeded then will crowd out weeds.

"A great modern garden showcasing wonderful design that utilizes shape, texture, line, and layers to achieve a very pleasing composition. Note how that doesn't mean tons of flowers or color." Photographer: Steven Wooster. via Garden Collection

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