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Ahsoka Tano on

Keep calm, it's #TanoTuesday! @HerUniverse @dave_filoni @starwars @BlueJaigEyes @amy_geek @fangirlcantina

“What’s wrong?” Rex demanded, always protective, never mind that he wasn’t in the same room, wasn’t even in the same system right now. “Ahsoka, what’s wrong?” Ahsoka shook her head, blinking before peering out of the window again, into the now blessedly empty, calm expanse of space. She dug the heels of her hands into her eyes. “It’s nothing,” she sighed. “I’m sorry, I must be more tired than I thought…”

The one on the left looks so much more like Ahsoka than the one on the right. How Ahsoka should have looked in Star Wars Rebels!