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DIY Montessori Sound Cylinders

If you want to prepare some Montessori materials for a homeschool or preschool, a sensorial material that can be created easily and inexpensively is a set of sound cylinders.

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Activities for Babies: Exploring Sound Treasure Basket

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Montessori Activities for Europe (and Other Continents) - Trillium Montessori 7 Continents Bundle

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How to Prepare a Montessori Toddler Environment at Home

Lots of Montessori toddler resources, including examples of Montessori-friendly toddler home environments, helpful resources, and Montessori learning materials and activities for toddlers

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How to Start Using Montessori at Home

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DIY Montessori Smelling Bottles

If you have a Montessori homeschool classroom or are planning to start one in the fall, you’ve probably been focusing on finding and/or making Montessori materials.