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Geraniums by Curt Ives (null) ~ 14 x 11 Simple study of a pot of geraniums and a column in my back yard. I'm working on a larger, much more detailed version currently.

Garden Variety by Curt Ives Oil ~ 28 x 22 This was a boquet of sunflowers that I had a few years ago in my house. It was a fun painting to do, glad I took photos of the boquet.

Hibiscus by Curt Ives Oil ~ 24 x 20 Sometimes you don't have to look far to find subjects to paint. This was in my backyard. I love the vivid red of this hibiscus, but painting red can be problematic. Trying to make a dark red or shadow is difficult, but a light red is next to impossible. If you add white to red paint, you get PINK, not light red. So it was a bit of a challenge to show light and dark areas but I was pretty happy with the result.

Red Skies at Night by Curt Ives Oil ~ 24 x 20 I really enjoyed how this turned out. It's a simple painting. As the saying goes, "Red skies at night, sailors delight". I can picture this sailor coming in after a day in the bay to calm seas and warm summer nights.

Fountain at Tlaquepaque by Curt Ives Oil ~ 24 x 30 Tlaquepaque is a shopping center in Sedona. It has beautiful architecture, art galleries and boutiques. You can spend most of the day there. I was particularly struck by the architecture and fountains and took many photo's. This was the result of one of them.

Garden of the Gods by Curt Ives Oil ~ 40 x 30 Garden of the Gods is just northwest of Colorado Springs. It's has large, thin rocks, shooting out of the earth towards the blue sky. A must see if you're in the area.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona by Curt Ives Oil ~ 5 x 7 For Christmas one year we spent a week in Sedona and had some of the most amazing hikes I've ever been on. I took hundreds of photographs. This is a small study of Cathedral Rock. I'll be doing a series on Sedona based on my hikes.

In Charge by Curt Ives Oil ~ 30 x 24 I love these massive, gentle animals. I wanted to emphasize the size by making the elephant almost too big for the canvas.