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Cecilio's Electric Silent Violin test. This solid body electric violin has a base sound comparable with my Zeta Jazz Fusion violin which cost me 30 times more 10 years ago. It is easy to play and all the parts are in good working condition. Nice Ebony pegs and tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay. The violin is attractive and gives the impressio...

We ordered a violin off Amazon to see how it compares to our own. View Kennedy Violins' "Online Violin Comparison" video to see what sets us apart!

Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin Outfit

By far, the best student violin outfit for under 250-the Ricard Bunnel G2. A KV exclusive!

The worlds smallest violin is the 1/64th size. Yes there are TOYS that are made smaller, but 1/64th size is the smallerst REAL violin that plays...

Inexpensive Barcus-Berry Acoustic Electrical Violin Organic, BAR-AEV On the internet -

Lots of new violins ready to be tried out. Where to start?!