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RIP CITY - BEARDED IRIS. Available for the first time this year. A rich carmine red that blooms early for us. Very good increase plus good branching and bud count too! #beardediris

SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER - DAYLILY. A great grower in our garden. We use this smaller sized plant and flower in the border. Visitors love the darker eye and and great plant habits. A good supply in pots this year. #daylily

DWARF CRESTED IRIS. I just potted up quite a few for sale next year. We have been collecting all of the dwarf crested iris we could find and have been increasing our stock over the last few years. They bloom early in the season in either sun or shade. The best part is they bloom in shade. I grow them in low bowls as you see here. Give them good drainage and rich organic soil. #crestediris

SUPERSTITION - BEARDED IRIS. The buds appear black but when SUPERSTITION blooms it is a rich dark purple. I really like the deep blue beards. We do have some pots to sell this year. Very popular every year. #daylily

POEM OF ECSTASY- BEARDED IRIS. Here it is in the raised bed we use to increase our stock. We have some pots to sell this year but we will have even more next year. I really love the color combination. #beardediris

DUSKY CHALLENGER - BEARDED IRIS. We are growing this iris now and should have some to sell next year. What a great dark purple and a rebloomer too! #beardediris

JAPANESE IRIS- ANGEL MOUNTAIN. A new addition to our display garden. The first Japanese Iris to bloom in our garden this year was PLEASANT EARLY BIRD. LITTLE BOW PINK is just ready to bloom next and we have a good supply of this early bloomer. #japaneseiris

LITTLE BOW PINK - JAPANESE IRIS. A two year clump in my display garden. One of the early bloomers. In my garden it usually starts blooming in late May or early June. I sold a good many last year but I do have some for sale this year. When you purchase a Japanese Iris from me ask for the culture sheet especially written for southern gardens. #japaneseiris