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Alligator Staple remover. Add some fun to the mundane task of staple removing with these ferociously toothy beasts. Made of solid pewter, they’re a great corporate gift. $78

White Faux Taxidermy - The Ralph - White Resin Alligator Head- Resin White Faux Taxidermy- Chic Bayou 'Gator Wall Mount / bed room wall art

Alligator Pillow Cover, Alligator Nursery Decor, Florida Gators Coastal Pillow, Decorative Throw Pillow, GATOR pillow, Kids Room Art Pillow

Lend a unique addition to your library collection with our bright shiny Alligator bookends. #ZGallerie #Alligator #Bookends

WSH loves this croc candle to finish styling a coffee table. Even after you use all the candle, you can use the porcelain container as a box.

Want to set up a bar that’s so cool it’s scary? Vagabond House has just the collection! Expanding on their popular Alligator tabletop concept is this aggressively helpful and brand new Bottle Opener (above). Detailed down to the handcrafted scales from pewter, this gorgeous piece is priced at about $46 retail (7″long).

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Fridge turntable. If condiments don't fit in the door of your fridge, put them on a turntable where they'll be easy to grab. Via Martha Stewart.