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Las Vegas NV

CryoFX® CO2 Cryo Gun has the highest smoke special effect output amongst Cryo Guns as proven time and time again. Get your premium special smoke effect handheld gun from CryoFX® at 619-855-2796. More info & full list of products: ★ ★ #co2SpecialEffectsjet #co2SpecialEffectsgun #cryofx #cryojetsCO2SpecialEffects #cryoCO2SpecialEffectsjets #co2SpecialEffectcannon #co2SpecialEffectscannons #clubcannonCO2SpecialEffects #djCO2SpecialEffects #deejay

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City of Los Angeles

CryoFX® can custom design, build and install any custom CO2 Jet System for any stage to fit your special effects needs. WOW the crowd at your concert or at your special event. Whether you are a DJ or a Nightclub owner or even an Hollywood Movie Producer or Movie Studio or if you represent or are an agent for a famous singer, CryoFX can design, build and manufacture a specific CO2 Cryo System Special Effects tailored to meet your smoke or fog special effects.

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City of San Diego

CryoFX®, the Leader in CO2 Special Effects Equipment manufacturing and worldwide distribution, is proud to have helped ComiCon San Diego cool off and awe their crowd using custom CO2 Special Smoke Effects at their venue for their special event. Call Us at 619.855.2796 or visit our Store online at to get yours. #co2SpecialEffectsjet #co2SpecialEffectsgun #cryofx #cryojetsCO2SpecialEffects #cryoCO2SpecialEffectsjets #co2SpecialEffectcannon #co2S

Pre-Order Estimated Arrival: 11/2014 --- APS ACP Full Metal CO2 Powered Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol with Extra Magazine