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The Ultimate Backyard Summer Camp E-book is a summer camp curriculum designed by moms for moms to use with their 3-7 year old children. It is also great for babysitters, daycare providers, preschool summer camps, and any other childcare professional!

Nearly 7.5 million people have read William Robert Stanek’s books, which are available in more than 50 countries and 20 languages.

Anna and the Magic Paintbrush: by Chris Blackley (Illustrated Book for ages 3-7) (Teaches your children the value of kindness) (Beginner readers) (Bedtime story) FREE May 21 & 22

Free Kindle Book For Kids FREE Feb. 7, 8, 9 Get Your FREE Copy Now! Humongous Hippopotamus by Michael Wills

Ellie Gets a Will and Trust – FREE TODAY! – A book for Kids & Parents | Book Tour Radio

Boys' Life has provided 100 years of great reading. Here are 100 books that every guy should read.

Teardrop Head Jed by Dwight Osborne This book takes children on a journey through the eyes of Teardrop Head Jed, who helps them understand that while crying is nothing to feel guilty about, sometimes there are other solutions to a problem besides crying. Teardrop Head Jed doesn’t like unnecessary crying because it makes him have to go away.