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Your face always ends up swallowed by their arms and chest!

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18 Important Life Skills All Short Girls Must Learn

Sacrificing yourself and sitting in cramped places because you don’t need that much leg space. | 18 Incredibly Useful Skills All Short Girls Have Learnt

"(First date) Me: Don't let them know you stalk them. Them: So my uncle gave me this watch. Me: Kevin or Bill?"

My life!! When a six year old is almost my height!!!

Yes, please! Which is why I'm glad they treated Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit like that. Harry Potter was awesome, but so much was left out for real. I would sit through super long extended versions of my favorite books turned to film. yeperooney

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How to GET a raise at work?

True. Except I wouldnt consider it a problem--I love swinging my feet!