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"*History class in 2100* Teacher: So, we've finished 2015. On to 2017! Students: But what about 2016- Teacher: We don't talk about 2016..."

Exactly, despite the loads of politically correct bullshit foisted by western governments on their national populations.

Dear Trump Supporter, You lost too. It just hasn't hit you yet. Sincerely, 62,523,126 voters and counting.

Respecting others' opinions covers things like "I don't like coffee," not for "I don't like black people."

the thing is most wounded warriors would take advantage of this because they are too tough

He's said some "interesting" things in the past but this isn't obe of them!

RNR Kentucky (@RNRKentucky) | Twitter....."We send our troops to foreign countries to defend THEIR borders but our politicians refuse to defend OUR borders." #WhyImVotingForTrump..