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tendiademsart: “short break from the gangster au to draw trashy hipster outfits and side-ponytail!

Top 25 Anime Memes #Anime #Funny

Top 25 Anime Memes

The other one is going to be delete. ~Anime Pictures ~Anime Recommend ~Normal Pictures ~Anime Meme I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES! If someone made it, there would have a name on the pictures.

Baccano! ~ Claire and Chane by levina-c on DeviantArt

Claire Stanfield and Chane Laforet from the anime/light novel series Baccano. I know this meme's been done to death, but I couldn't resist.

Tags: Fanart, Baccano!, Pixiv, Ennis, Miria Harvent, Nice Holystone, Chane Laforet, Lua Klein, Claire Stanfield, Jacuzzi Splot, Firo Prochai...

*Loud saxophone noises accompanied by the sound of something semi-solid being dragged at high speed behind a train* Tags: Baccano

Baccano! - Firo. My FAVORITE character. I love all of them, though. They're so FUN!

Another Mafia Member. All well at least this one is sweet and quite good natured. Not too smart, but very sweet.