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Shadowy figures would appear in photographs taken by residents. Furniture was rearranged with no one having touched anything. Objects around the house would disappear into thin air. The story of Ladell grew into urban legend, and the Allen house was declared haunted by both residents and locals. By the time the 21st-century arrived, the property was under new ownership. Paranormal investigations went on at the property per the approval of the home’s current owners. Multiple “EVP”s…

Letchworth Village in Haverstraw, NY. Otherwise known as the Village of Secrets was a home for the physically and mentality disabled. It became a living horror for hundreds of adults and children and ghost hunters say at times you can hear residual screams and crying of those who once called this deplorable disgrace home. Most scary is that more than one paranormal investigator has said they have been followed home by a demonic spirit and tormented for days.

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The Story Behind Arkansas's Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

The Allen house remains a popular hotspot for ghost hunters and historians. Guided tours are conducted by appointment, and special Halloween tours are conducted annually. Those interested in early 20th-century Arkansas life will want to see the Allen family artifacts and heirlooms that are on display as well. The beauty of the house (despite the urban legend) has even made it a popular spot for weddings. Find out more about how to schedule a tour or event at the Allen house—and beware of…

Haunted Ouija Doll as seen on the live 72hr paranormal investigation broadcast on 4/13 ~ 4/17 2012 (available from DimDiminy on Etsy )

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DIY: Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture DIY - Measure and cut mirrors w/ a glass cutter (score and snap the pieces off) Apply mirror mastic to the back of the mirror pieces and press them firmly onto the furniture piece. Do large pieces first. Clean with acetone to remove all the excess mirror mastic. Apply grout to soften jagged edges and fill in any tiny gaps you may have. Remove the extra grout with a damp cloth. #DIY #homedecor #mirror

The White Lady - The Legend of Nancy Sutherland

Allen House in Arkansas reported to be one of the most haunted houses in America. Description from I searched for this on

Anyone who’s somewhat familiar with the park’s history understands that beneath the magical consumer surface is an even more fascinating network of underground tunnels filled with dark secrets and paranormal mysteries. There have been over 10 reported deaths at Disneyland: including a drowning, an impaling, and many other freakish accidents.

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DIY Crate Coffee Table

DIY Crate Coffee Table - We all know it can get pretty expensive when redecorating any room in your house, especially new furniture. I knew that I wanted a new…

One particular room (room No 2) in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Dublin, has been associated with demonic apparitions, suicide and paranormal activity for over 150 years. In the mid 19th century in Room Two of Rhetoric House, two young seminarists took their own lives, nineteen years apart, and the room has been the source of many tales ever since...