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Simon (the Ice King) consoles a young Marceline

'Adventure Time' Standalone Miniseries Will Tell The Full Story Of Marceline The Vampire Queen

adventure time theory | Cannot be unseen- Adventure Time fans by SkitzOpheliac on deviantART

I think the top part is wrong though. I think that the Lich was right next to the blast of the Mushroom Bomb from the war. She fell into the nuclear stuff, turning her evil.

"Interesting Adventure Time theory I found."  Very deep. With Adventure Time you never know... but it would make a crazy adventure time kind of sense.

"Interesting Adventure Time theory I found. With Adventure Time you never know. but it would make a crazy adventure time kind of sense.<<<< credits to the person I found this from



Cartoon Network: Adventure Time – Simon and Marcy

Simon Marcy ~ Greatest relationship on Adventure Time, jus' sayin'

Hehe I remember this episode! (Adventure Time)


I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man! I can shake-a my fanny, I can shake-a my can! I'm a tough-tootin' baby I can punch-a yo buns! Punch-a yo buns, I can punch-a yo buns! If you're an evil witch I will punch you for fun!

lsp - Adventure Time!

21 Important Lessons Lumpy Space Princess Taught Us About Feminism

I would pick every one on Fionna's side but except for ice king because he wouldn't be able to steel princesses

Fiona, cake, Marshall Lee, prince gumball, ice queen and lord monochromicorn.