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God’s saving, redeeming, transforming love is active in the lives of our enemies. And God invites us to live that love and let it been seen in our actions towards our enemies. Not as an optional extra, but a central response to God’s grace is the command to participate in God’s love for our enemies.

The #Znojmo #Catacombs: A Maze of Tunnels Where No Enemies Escaped Alive

George Soros ups the ante for protesters and their hourly wage skyrockets

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You know you think of E.T. as a kid's movie, right? Well I had it on one day and Sam was less that 2, I walked in the room and he was sitting up, huge eyes, going, "ouh, ouh Momma, what dat?" He was so darn cute.

Homebrew material for edition Dungeons and Dragons made by the community.