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Love this- games and activities for different areas of study in Civics such as Citizenship and Participation, Separation of Powers, The Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Judicial Branch, Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Budgeting.

Add depth and complexity to your instruction with these Critical Thinking Science Task Cards! 88 task cards that can be used with any textbook and with any topic of science. You will be blown away by the discussions your students will have! $

Digital Moviemaking Projects for Geography Globetrotting. Check out three new ways my students use digital moviemaking to share their geographic knowledge.

Voting is the core of our democracy, yet the United States ranks toward the bottom of all democracies in the number of citizens who actually vote. Get 4 terrific voting videos to add to your government unit and motivate your students. They may even be able to motivate their parents to vote!

ONLINE RESOURCE~ Mission U.S. offers interactive journeys through important eras in U.S. history. Games can be played entirely online or downloaded for play on your PC or Mac (you do need an Internet connection to save a game in progress). The first role-playing mission is set in Boston in 1770. Students play the role of 14-year-old Nat Wheeler who, after the Boston Massacre, must choose to side with the Loyalists or the Patriots. Check out this, and two other fun and educational missions!

Want to know how to absolutely rock writing essential questions? All you need is a solid pathway, and here it is.

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