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My own first Tile reference book c2009.Over 700 quality Art Nouveau English designs from my own collection are shown,alongside each tile is a reference to the date and manufacturer of the tile, also the decorating method used.This is the largest illustrated collection of Art Nouveau tiles to be published to date, look out for my 2nd book.

A page from my second book showing part of my Art Nouveau tile collection.

Very basic reference book but should be added to the any tile book collection.

Large A4 book for the new collector of Art Nouveau tiles, quite a few errors, but will give the new collectors a insight to the beauty and colour of Art Nouveau tile.

Timeless Art Nouveau design from Alfred Meakin c1906/9 tile reference 374 in the book "Art Nouveau Tiles with style".

This was the first Tile book I found useful in the aid to my addiction to tile collecting.

A must for any tile book library, Like most books it contains a few errors,I did find it useful in my first few years of Tile collecting.