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However, you can choose to assume whatever perspective fits better with the emotions (I hope!), it can stir up in you.

The main interpretation. following which I designed the main decoration, shall recall the philosophical Idea of Life (symbolically represented by the tree soiled by the blood that pulses in our veins) that overcomes the wars' Horror.

While the other panel identifies in my mind the Hope.

Sogni&Pastrocchi e AquaGuide present: The first example of a "made in Italy" indoor mini aquaponic system, realized in plexiglass by an external Firm on AquaGuide's commission and almost completely decorated with waste materials - such as for example the toy soldiers and the bottle's plastic used for the compound leaf on both sides. Instead, the trunk is realized with the papier-macher technique, innerly incorporating a series of waste materials in order to define the tree's shape.