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Cold War Propaganda Cartoons - showing how the Iron Curtain divided the East and Western world

‘This Changes Everything’ – Infographic Charts 100 Years of Unrest That Followed Archduke’s Death

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand is truly an event that changed the world. Being the catalyst for World War I in its reverberations.

World War II http://ift.tt/29sMK5G via /r/funny http://ift.tt/29u4jON funny pictures

Nope that's how America sees it England sees it as the second picture America is stupid

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 60 Pics

Copies of these letters can also be found: Harry S. Truman Library, Miscellaneous historical document file, no. To those who say America didn't care about innocent lives.<<Is this true?

Q: Has Israel gotten the Peace it has repeatedly given its land away per the various agreements with the Arabs and World? A: No. In fact Israel has merely become geographically smaller and as we keep seeing there has been NO real or lasting PEACE.:

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has formed the core part of the wider Arab–Israeli conflict. It has widely been referred to as the world's "most intractable conflict".

Infographic: “The History of Chemical Weapon Wars”

Educational infographic & Data Infographic: “The History of Chemical Weapon Wars”. Image Description Infographic: “The History of Chemi

Africa at the dawn of World War 1, 1914

Foreign powers ▓ Africa at the dawn of World War I, 1914

Map of the Battle of Normandy: This map shows the routes that the 160,000 Allied soldiers took and which division each Allied country sent to fight. It also shows the areas on the coast of France these troops fought at on D-Day.

The Battle of Normandy Map ~ Normandy ~ France ~ "Operation Overlord" began on June It involved 160 000 Allied troops at the Battle of Normandy and the D-Day Landings. By August there were over 000 Allied troops in France. ~ World War II

Happy Veterans Day!

The History of American Wars - Veterans Day * Read new book by John Macdonald The United States Of Israel * It says Jewish Mafia and Italian Mafia Greg Borowik and Francine Hamelin did stock markets trades TD Waterhouse Montreal, planned 3