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This says that the first "for sure" find is 12th century, and that the Anglo-Saxon finds are likely just a mix-up. Meh.

winter girls by on @deviantART Warm Slavic costumes in the Viking Age

Norway - Bone Flute Are you kidding with me? Of bones!? Seriousely Norway?!?

ancient Viking spear-head! Dates from the 4th - 8th century AD

Die Lederfunde von Haithabu - Link to full. I think this is "The leatherfinds of Haithabu" but I could be completely wrong.

Yggdrasil The tree of life by Kris W on Etsy

A bone needle showing an Ogham Script, which is native to Early Christian Ireland found in West Virginia, and I'm still asking myself "WHY HERE other than a proven Celtic burial " ????? ??????????????????????

Bone flute from Bryggen Museum, Norway - Photograph by Erin McGuire - Picasa Web Albums.