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Chiziru - Pentagon

Chiziru - Pentagon

The last plane in the 9/11 hijacking attacks was crashed in a field by passengers to keep the hijackers from reaching their target.  Would it have struck the White House?  The Capitol Building?  We may never know for sure.

United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked by four al-Qaeda terrorists on September as part of the September 11 attacks. It crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, during an attempt by some of the passengers to regain control.

161207 Mnet Special 'Five Senses' Photoshoot || KINO - #PENTAGON #펜타곤 #KPOP #KINO

“Five Senses” Jacket Shooting Behind The Scenes

Pentagon Update: Pentagon's First Japan showcase ✨ #HUI #PENTAGON #펜타곤 ~kel

Pentagon Update: Pentagon's First Japan showcase ✨ ~kel

Take the required number of Popsicle stick for a shape and color them same and also number them like 5 sticks for pentagon and number all of them 5. Then ask your child to combine all the sticks to form a circle. What they can form is only a pentagon with five corners.

A, Bee, C, Preschool: Building Shapes. Kindergarten readiness: Colored craft sticks are labeled with the number of sides each shape has, ie: 3 purple sticks - triangle. The children will choose a color and build the matching colored shape from the sticks.