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"I wish..." UN Women captures one street campaign against sexual harassment in Eygpt. "I wish I could walk around without being hurt by inappropriate words." "Don't harass me. The street is yours and mine." "I wish you'd admit that you harass." "I wish I could feel safe in the streets." "I shouldn't have to escort my sister everywhere."

"Sexual harassment is bad. So no one touch anyone in any funny places unless specifically asked."

That would be red light behavior, Ziva.

Yeah Derek is totallyyy harassing you Meredith #MerDer

NCIS Season 4 Episode 11 - "Driven" || Red Light/Green Light ... Abby at the Sexual Harassment Seminar

"You act like I'm stealing. I work damn hard every day, same as you."

Sons of anarchy-Some Throwback Thursday pics....

Sexual harassment, Grey's Anatomy style. From season 1, ep. 2: "The First Cut Is the Deepest"