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Happy 3 year anniversary, Valentines day, and 21st birthday to my amazing Fiancé Timothy Michael Collier. I love you babe

Happy birthday to my miss mickey, yoire the craziest woman i know, and i love you so. Happy birthday 'mom' we love you!!

So happy that tim had a day off to spend with me and baby bentley

Life is full of unexpected suprises, but that is what keeps us going :)

When Galaxies Collide

WHEN GALAXIES COLLIDE The Whirlpool Galaxy, the red spiral, and its companion galaxy, NG 5195 are 23 million light-years from Earth - that's relatively close. IRAC shows the warm dust in red, a sign of active star formation probably triggered by a collision between the two galaxies.

Blue Dunes of Mars | Image: NASA/JPL/University of |