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Kids Activity: Balloon Five Senses Game

A fun at-home science experiment for a big range of ages. (And another one that @Michelle Weyer might have fun with in her class?)

Our Disney Countdown Calendar! I'm very proud of this since I haven't seen one quite like it. Every day the kids get to pop a balloon and get an activity from inside!

10 Wet & Wild Water Balloon Game Ideas - Page 3 of 3

Water Ballon Pinata....Get some large balloons, fill them up and hang in trees or from a patio cover. Then set the kids up with a blindfold and a large stick! It’s refreshing fun that won’t end in a sugar crash.

Texture Balloons for Kids Tactile Sensory Play

Good directions - we needed to blow ours up first! Simple To Make Texture Balloons for Tactile Sensory processing Input

Balloon Greenhouse

Make your own mini greenhouses using balloons! Just add soil, water, and seeds to a balloon, and then blow it up and tie it!

Paint filled water balloons perfect for a Summer Paint War! Filling the balloons with paint is easy, and you can even make your own liquid paint using just two ingredients! Wear white shirts- whoever is the least covered wins!(Fun for the whole family)