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All pictures excluding my own work are random finds from the internet, posted solely for inspirational purposes, discussion or visual aid. None of the images is intended for any commercial use. If you would like a post removed from the site please...

There is more. More beautiful than we can imagine. Beyond the seen, the unseen. I believe in hope, in what we can't see, can't comprehend. If your heart is heavy, I feel it, too. Know there is hope. There is more. It doesn't end here.

It felt sooo good to be back in the woods! This was taken in the forest across from my sister's school, which was weird, since a whole bunch of cars were passing by. Plus my dad made me paranoid by pointing out there were bears here. Thanks, dad. Facebook

"Guys," I called to the group ahead of me. "Guys wait, maybe - look this might not be a good idea." They kept walking further into the woods. Further and further away from. "Hey, wait up!" I adjusted my backpack and moved on pass the sign.