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Technology is growing faster and faster as the years go by. It is simple to imagine what our world, or what we would like the world, to look like in the future. This image demonstrates the idea of robots as the new humans. It can be sarcastic in the way that we have become so numb to the technologies we use, we wouldn't feel any different having an intimate relationship with a robot.

Come vendere i telefoni usati in internet ... Con il passare degli anni e con l’evolversi delle tecnologie hai sempre cercato di restare al passo con i tempi acquistando i più recenti modelli di cellulare disponibili sul mercato.

Personalize Learning: The Connected Learner in a PLE

#technology #torino #news Cosa vi riserva il 2015 ? Scoprilo qui …

In a world in which everything is made to be just out of reach for the lower classes, the internet stands as one of the few tools left to bridge the gap allowing people from any situation to level the playing field to some degree. Access to education, information, resources, jobs, networking, eCommerce, freedom of expression on a larger platform and contacting distant family.

Hikaru-skirt.Japanese designer Kiyoyuki Amano combined fashion technology to create futuristic short skirts that illuminate wearer’s thighs.Aptly named ‘Hikaru Skirt’,which means ‘Shining Skirt’,comes equipped with LED lights & miniature gyro sensors on inside.Skirt lights up,& color and pattern changes every time wearer moves.Amano said placed lights inside skirt on whim,& that’s when noticed that it created pleasant illumination of thighs.Gap between everyday fashion and cosplay.

Could #Online Learning Work to Close the #Gender_Gap? Technology is already being used in education to help close both income and racial academic gaps. Is it possible to harness its power to close the gender gaps, too? In particular, can a full-scale deployment of technology in education help blur the rigid gender lines that seem to continue to define certain professional fields?