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#sneakpeek of tonight's HIGHly (get it, high-ly?) requested #monsterhigh #tutorial! I will post a better photo later on tonight. THE TUTORIAL will be uploaded on TONIGHT! Also thank you to @lakewoodcostumes #lakewoodcostumes for supplying this adult sized costume! (All I could find anywhere were kids sizes!). I also got to use some new products tonight, including @limecrimemakeup #limecrime zodiac glitter


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#frankiestein will definitely be up TONIGHT on! Yes, I went out in this makeup and costume thank you to @lakewoodcostumes (who are not so active on Instagram, but definitely are on FB) for finding and supplying me with this costume! I appreciate it so much. They're probably like yes lex, we know. Hahahah. #MonsterHigh #youtube @youtube

After my #Wednesdayaddams tutorial, you guys HIGHLY requested #Morticia! This#MorticiaAddams inspired #tutorial will be up either tonight or possibly tomorrow on! If you guys are also a fan of beauty looks from me, please be sure to subscribe to my second channel! #youtube #halloween


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LETS PLAY A GAME of find Lex.. This #SCAREcrow #tutorial will be TONIGHT on! Inspired by my business partners, Sir #Nester to the left, and Sir #LittleNester Jr to the right from @spirithalloween, as well as influenced by my #Voodoodoll character last Halloween, and The #PumpkinKing #makeup I also created last year. SMOOSHING IDEAS TOGETHER, MWHAHA. PS. Yes, I DID go out in this makeup. Footage will be in the video as well at the end.

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Adorable Toddler Custom Made LuLu poodle skirt Your choice of Size and Color 0-12mos,1t-2t,3t-4t Prices from 20.00 and up

New 3pc Toddler Size LuLu Poodle Skirt Outfit Your choice of Size and Color 0-12,1t,2t,3t,4t. $50.99, via Etsy.

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Community Post: The Ultimate Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume

Well now you can dress like Mrs. Doubtfire, hot flashes not included. | The Ultimate Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume

new tutorial up on! Watch how I painted a portrait of myself! Man, haha. That sounds really full on myself... It probably makes it worse that I framed it. Oh well! Wait, something... Doesn't seem quite right...

#frosty the #snowman, went out and ate bad children This snowman #tutorial is NOW UP on @youtube .com/MadeYewLook!! I try to be evil with my scleras, and always end up looking cute? @graftobianmakeup @bhcosmetics