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19 by 30 inches overall, signed and numbered series of 400 prints.

For those in law enforcement and military

So true. I'm not an officer yet but very soon I will be and I already see this while doing my ride-alongs. People really don't know what police officers go through

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She felt for things, and people, and her dreams wholeheartedly. Some carry so much conviction, and life, that they're never truly alone. You won't take that from her.

Find the others...

Find the others.

You must always push yourself! www.gruntstyle.com

You must always push yourself! www.gruntstyle.com

As Pat says, "Apply your foundation to specialization!"

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I don't know that his words were exactly this. I remember something a bit more elegant. The point stands, though.

The secret of being boring is to say everything. - Voltaire Editing is key!