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Heart Attack, Find out to Recognize Cardiac Symptoms -

Elections Expert: "We Now Have 4 Million Ineligible and Dead Voters on American Voter Rolls" (VIDEO)


Your Character’s Very First Relationship (Hint: It Affects All the Others)

What's the very first relationship your characters form, an attachment so critical it can influence them long into adulthood? |


Fatal Attraction: How to Kill Your Character’s Relationship

Fatal attraction: when an attractive trait becomes the death of a relationship. What's your character's fatal attraction type? |

Imperfect people are all that God has ever had to work with... by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland from April 2013 LDS General Conference

I really like to get my students connecting what we are learning in class with the real world. This creates engagement and further answers the question I addressed prior of “Why are we learning this? We will never use it in real life”. One way that I do this is by getting them to review different types of news articles which relate directly to the curriculum. To that end I have created this free page which indexes recent news articles which I have used in my classroom.

Gods light | April 2013 LDS general conference memes | Deseret News

At 7:55am, Sunday, Dec 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor is attacked by carrier based Japanese planes, killing 2300. The following day in his war speech to Congress, President Franklin Roosevelt called it "a day which will live in infamy."

A mothers prayer | April 2013 LDS general conference memes | Deseret News


5 Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook : Social Media Examiner

Do you use Facebook for business? You can do more than posting photos to your page to get more customers and prospects to see your products. In this article, youll discover five ways to increase the visibility of your products on Facebook. Via @smexami