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Timescape Sci-Fi Watch

Not too far in the distant future, our brains will be huge. So huge that the current way of telling time will be considered an archaic, almost infantile way of our true reality. Our way of thinking will be in multiple dimensions across infinate universes. To help with your understanding, we have created the Timescape sci fi watch that requires just a slight bit of extra brain power that only a true sci fi fan actually has. If you've read the klingon dictionary from front to back, mocking…

In recognition of the recent announcement that Peter Capaldi will be the new Doctor, we are giving away one of our Doctor Who Watches. Every time you check the time, you'll feel like you are whizzing through time and space with a time lord. Enter below to win a free Doctor Who Watch from Gadgets and Gear.

The face of this stylish, contemporary watch features a board game-like illustration of how the average day is spent

Sub-Zero Blue Steel Watch

Sub-Zero Blue Steel Watch $49.95 Freeze Time With The Subzero Blue Steel Watch!

Equalizer Digital Watch

Every Equalizer Loving DJ Knows Its Always Time To Look Cool.This Is A Perfect Gift For Your DJ Or Music Friends That Has A Unique Design Along With A Bright Blue LED Lights.

Stealthy and sleek like a space fighter off of a science fiction movie set, the Stealth Futuristic Watch is a out-of-this-world marvel that is stylish and functional, and will give you the appearance that you will beamed-up at any moment.