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Not too far in the distant future, our brains will be huge. So huge that the current way of telling time will be considered an archaic, almost infantile way of our true reality. Our way of thinking will be in multiple dimensions across infinate universes. To help with your understanding, we have created the Timescape sci fi watch that requires just a slight bit of extra brain power that only a true sci fi fan actually has. If you've read the klingon dictionary from front to back, mocking…

Sci-Fi Schedule
from 9GAG

Sci-Fi Schedule

Sci-Fi Schedule - Línea de tiempo de eventos en el futuro de las películas de ciencia ficción y series.

R2D2 Brass Cameo Necklace Sci Fi Star Wars by priestessalem, $17.00 could easily be turned into a key chain

Band-tooine. They're On Band-tooine