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Now that's pedal power: The bike made from kitchen worktops that can be used to charge iPhones and cameras

Insect-Inspired Bicycles

Designer Mateusz Chmura has come up with The Grass Chopper – an elegant new bike “mimicking the wings and folded legs of a grasshopper”.

Dual-lens smartphone cameras are coming, and this is why we want one

One camera. Two separate lenses. That's the conundrum raised by leaked images of HTC's forthcoming smartphone, which is rumored to bring some interesting new imaging features that go far beyond mere

Sony Cyber-shot QX10 review: a WiFi 'lens camera' that mounts directly on your smartphone

Earlier this month at IFA, Sony introduced an entirely new type of point-and-shoot camera. The and its big brother, the are missing a built-in LCD...

41 Eccentric Bicycles

You look around most city centers and the majority of people have pretty standard looking bicycles: they have two wheels, handlebars, a frame, the standard stuff. However what you don’t often get to see are the bizarre aprroaches to the vehicle that are done behind closed doors. Well let me give you a sneak peak into the crazy world of concept cycles with these 41 Eccentric Bicycles. .@Jorge Martinez Cavalcante (JORGENCA)