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The Zen patriarchs said, “If you are lost in the previous thought, you are a sentient being; but if in the next moment you awaken to your true essence, then you are a Buddha.” So, the mind is the means through which all states of existence are expressed. ~ by Zen Master Miao Tsan

Hotei, one of the patriarchs of the Zen Buddhist sect. Kyōsai Kawanabe (1831-1889). 1876. Ink, color ink, paint. Japan.

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Two monks were watching a flag flapping in the wind. One said to the other, "The flag is moving." The other replied, "The wind is moving." Huineng overheard this. He said, "Not the flag, not the wind; mind is moving." The sixth patriarch could not bear to see those two dull heads, so he made such a bargain. Wind, flag, mind moves, The same understanding. When the mouth opens All are wrong

buddhism … Asanga (Jp. = Muchaku, Mujaku 無著). Carved by Unkei.Indian Patriarch of Hosso (Hossō) 法相宗 Sect. H = 194.7 cm. Colored Wood. Dated around +1208.Treasure of Kofukuji (Kōfukuji) Temple 興福寺, Nara.