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... Bullyng. Los protagonistas de los casos de acoso escolar suelen ser niños y niñas en proceso de entrada en la adolescencia (12-13 años), siendo ligeramente mayor el porcentaje de niñas en el perfil de víctimas.

Re-read daily if you ever find yourself working at a Home Depot anywhere in the world. The management is trained to degrade, subtly bully, and make the hourly employees so distraught that they want to quit.


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Amen!! Teaching my children this. Not many people respect this. I may really dislike you- but I know you're still a human being too.

If you don't have enemies, it means you haven't stood your ground. Find something worth fighting for and piss people off for not backing down.

We know that bullies often play mind games. This can cause the victim to lose all sense of right and wrong. They often feel responsible for what is happening. it is important to be assertive. Say no and make others respect your boundaries. Often, if you take a stance right away, the bully will go look for easier prey. Your body language plays a big part in this. To show assertiveness, stand up straight, don’t fidget, and maintain eye contact.