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I hope my artwork speaks to your soul today, You are enough in the Fathers eyes. Be Loved, you are His Beloved. Artwork by Tracey White

Be grateful for those who Encourage others. They are Gardeners that make our Souls Blossom. Do you have people in your life that do this for you? I do, and their importance needs to be acknowledged, how this world needs more of them. Artwork by Tracey White

Inspirational art, Reclaimed Pallet Artwork by Tracey White of

Always decide to Bloom, let your gifts and talents grow beyond the budding stage, allow your heart to Blossom. Artwork by Tracey White

Fall in Love, encouragement for the heart to look for truth in someone else, not deceptition, artwork by Tracey White

Mixed media Inspirational art by Tracey White. Love the verse, may the gates open in your life..........

I love these sentiments, Hope you like my artwork. Tracey White from

"Worship First" prophetic Artwork of Tracey White Love this scripture, one of my favourites.

Hnadpainted roses with inspirational message. My kind of Beautiful. artwork by Tracey White of