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... ¿Así que eres cristiano? ¿Qué se siente al saber que tu religión ha retrasado durante siglos el avance científico y tecnológico de la humanidad?.

antidisestablishmentarianism was a political position during the Reformation. King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, so he split from Roman Catholicism. Those against him were "anti" the "disestablishment" of the church and thus, didn't approve of the budding Anglican Church, later known as the Church of England.- Source:

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Intelligent Design (as conceived by our Founding Fathers):

Remind me: how often does God endorse and encourage murder in the Old Testament?! :/

And the rest!!!... who since 9/11, have used religious ideology (all denominations) to do despicably cruel, evil, destructive acts towards their fellow human beings. #Better off without religion - #Evolve into humanism

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NASA killed Michael Jackson

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