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Wax Lips. Who needs collagen when they have candy wax lips? :D ...

~ Wax Bottles With Sweet, Syrupy Filling - We Would Chew on the Wax For Hours After We Slurped Down the Contents ~

My Mom and I used to walk to a little store and get ice cream cups with these little wooden spoons. Memories!

every time we went to the store I had to ride it

My name is chilly willy

Anyone remember the 70s Laughing Bag? We had one--of course. It was pretty ridiculous and you had to laugh. It was powered by a battery. It was contageous as after a few seconds someone would also start laughing. Before you know it everyone in the room starts wetting themselves with laughter.

Indian Pumpkin Seeds - 5/16 oz by Indian Brand in 1950's Candy | - Hometown Favorites

Anyone else remember these? Every two weeks at our school and once a month in the summer!

Why settle for the "plasticfied" watered-down version sold in department stores when you can treat your children to the original wooden Lincoln Logs you played with growing up? Made completely of wood, this bicentennial edition rekindles the simple, timeless pleasure of building toy structures with real logs. <3 this site it has lots of things that I remember

Inner tubes for swimming on Grandma's pond on the farm.We always had loooonnngg scratches from the valve but sure had fun with them.