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Explore Person'S Daily, Daily Life and more!

In this pair drill students practice conjugating and translating reflexive verbs (verbs that deal with a person's daily routine). To use this acti...

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Spanish Verb Tic-Tac-Toe

Looking for a fun way to get your students to practice conjugating verbs? Try verb tic-tac-toe! Students conjugate verbs instead of using X'...

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¡Armada! is an activity for students which is similar to the popular "Battleship" game. Tell students to hide their ships and then, working in pairs, they have to conjugate the verbs to see if they've got a hit or miss. 9-page pack will help students practice conjugating regular present tense verbs, the irregular stem changers, and the "go" verbs

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Verbes réfléchis (French Reflexive verbs) Connect 4 game

Connect 4 and review reflexive verbs. Student must conjugate verb correctly to get the square. If they don't and their opponent gets it right, they get the square.

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Spanish Reflexive Verbs Explanation and Student Reference

Spanish Grammar - Spanish Reflexive Verbs Explanation and Student Reference by Sue Summers

La rutina diaria en español -- this video will teach you how to talk about your daily routine in Spanish using common Spanish reflexive verbs and activities. It shows some basic daily activities in Spanish, how to conjugate reflexive verbs and lots of examples.

FREE Spanish Verbs Demo: Flash Cards, Quizzes, and I have Who has Games! Help your students conjugate their verbs correctly while having fun! Please download this preview to view samples and get your freebies!

FREE-Spanish Regular Verb Practice Activity (Shipwreck-Naufragio)