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Best place to view some fireworks ... or for some traveling. Ralph and the Girl From Mayfair Towers - An Astral Adventure by Scot Fin. Excerpt

Phantom Fireworks® Astral Galaxy: 25 shot red bouquets with silver pistils and gold flowers with green pistils.


Maurice Kain Astral (Uncoated) - Firework

Maurice Kain Astral (Uncoated) - Firework | Ideal Drape Makers

Jenny Pasha created this festive New Year's–inspired look by painting a black base over the nails and using a striping brush to create a firework pattern. To give your digits some extra oomph, she suggests incorporating glow-in-the-dark polish into the design. SHOP NOW: Astral Lights Glow in the Dark Nail Paint, $4

Fireworks as a dream symbol could mean... More dream symbol meanings at TheCuriousDreamer... #dreammeaning #dreamsymbol

真夏の宵に一際目を引くスピンドル花火 Coloring the summer night sky of Japan, this firework has a theme of the half spindle of animal mitotic cells. A centrosome containing a pair of centrioles is located in the center, and astral microtubules extend to the up to the left, while polar microtubules extend to the opposite direction.

Doradus Nebula- too breathtaking to be real Would love a print with this image !