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Here's a pic of an injured juvenile squirrel who had a fractured femur. Alissa, our Animal Care Technician, is holding her after bandaging her up! Fast forward few weeks and she is good as new!

Adopting is a great alternative , it gives animals a second chance in life. Otherwise, many of them will be put down. If you MUST buy an animal, do so from a reputable breeder. NEVER buy pets from pet shops. Most come from puppy mills and live in deplorable conditions.

Enjoying the little and the not so little beautyful things and charming treasures life has in store for us and sharing what I am finding on my journey through this world and the internet. If you like my tumblr, you might like my blog Charming Quark too


50 best photos from The Natural World

Ana Julia Torres kisses Jupiter, a lion rescued from a circus 12 years ago, at Villa Lorena shelter, in Cali, Colombia. Torres, 52, a teacher, founded the shelter, which protects about 600 animals seized from drug traffickers, circuses, animal traffickers, or abandoned by their owners. (Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images) #

foxes; are meant to sit, look pretty.. and run wild. They're not meant for clothing, eating or product testing.

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