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Morning Essentials: espresso, Richard Mille watch, mobile devices

Here's hoping the road is clear, the adventure is fun and that we still like each other when we get back.

Billy Stanley: "I never got to see Elvis perform, when we were on the road... I was too busy watching out for the fans who would rush the stage... That's me kneeling in front of the stage... I could always tell when he would walk up behind me though, because the women would come running... One time I looked over my shoulder at Elvis, and he was smiling... I think he did it just to get me..."

This will become my 'go to' home WOD on days when I can't get to the gym. Looks awesome.

Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalecki -- Jared and Genevieve’s Wedding- February 27th 2010 “As Gen came around the corner I was watching Jared’s face. He had tears in his eyes. When their eyes met they both began to cry. At that moment it was clear what all the songs are written about.” - Genevieve’s friend Susan who attended the wedding. #PadaleckiWedding

"we're not broken. Just bent..." Words to remember when things are getting tough. Things CAN get better.

Barrie Crampton's Blog: Light Fingered Staff, Page 3 Models and The Lancashire Evening Post #pinitforwarduk