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Cat in Bread Meme = Cassandra :-P Doctor Who I have never been amused by cat in bread but now I am dying

goldie’s lorikeet by umpbump on Flickr. I love this kind of bird. quiet, non destructive.must get a pair sometime (s.s-h)

Blue Stone Cages - if you're going to buy your kid a guinea pig, please be kind to the animal and buy it a proper cage...not those shoeboxes that you can pick up at the pet store; would you like living your life in the human equivalent of a tiny bathroom?

from PetHelpful

How to Build a C&C Guinea Pig Cage

Most guinea pig owners don't realize that there is another option for a guinea pig cage that is not only cheaper, but more comfortable overall for the guinea pig. A step by step tutorial with photos shows how to build a "C&C" cage for a cavy.