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Today, Nav Athwal discusses what to look for in a crowdfunding platform, including making sure that the particular platform funds your types of deals (residential, commercial, etc.).

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House Hacking 101: How to "Hack" Your Housing and Get Paid to Live for Free

This post shares a unique strategy for actually getting PAID to live in your own home for free. Click here to learn more about this powerful idea.

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Fabulous Life of Rental Property + Harsh Reality of It

Read about my great and bad experiences of owning rental property. Rental property lessons to be learned & why I would do it again.

How Landlords Grow Rich In Their Sleep: The Guide To Getting Started With Student Rental Property Investment by Tara Benson. $2.99. 26 pages. Author: Tara Benson

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Investing - Rental Property Calculator ROI

Investing - Rental Property Calculator determines: Cash Flow Statement, Depreciation, Gross Profit - Operating Income, Return on Investment, Cap Rate, Rate of Return and much more!