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Today, Nav Athwal talks to us about how draws and payments are made through the crowdfunding platform.

While we’ve all seen bandit signs, many don’t know the various uses for these signs. Larry Goins elaborates on how he uses the signs for much more than just buying properties.

Steve Rozenberg enlightens us over why real estate as an investment has beneficial differences when compared to other types of investments.

Listen in as Tom Olson explains the right kind of success, which isn't measured by how much money you have, but more so by working hard, having integrity, sharing, and believing in what you do.

Jason Fritton talks to us today about how American Dream that everyone has been accustomed to over the past few decades is changing into being more independent in your wealth and creating your success, especially for real estate investors.

The FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Classroom show offers short lessons taught by expert hosts from across the industry. Lessons are …

Today, Nav Athwal goes over how crowdfunding works for investors needing to borrow capital.

You're used to marketing to motivated sellers and buyers, but not necessarily to landlords. Jim Ingersoll chats with us today about landlords who have had vacant homes or non-performing homes and how they might be willing to sell you the property.

Matt Bowles lists and explains 5 benefits of buying and holding property, including cash flow and leverage.

In the classroom today, Lex Levinrad explains what kind of neighborhood is best for purchasing a home for fix and flips. Also, learn how to find out about these homes from wholesalers.

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