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polygrapge: the cinema of R. Lepage

「Polygraph」by Robert Lepage & Marie Brassard

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Saul Steinberg during the set-up of the exhibition at the American Pavilion of Expo 58, Brussels 1958. ©THE SAUL STEINBERG FOUNDATION / VG BILD-KUNST 2013/ KMSKB-MRBAB.

¤ Steinberg working on Cocktail Party, part of his monumental mural, The Americans, for the US Pavilion at the Brussel’s World’s Fair,

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Berkeley Police Dept

Berkeley Police Dept

IWR Cartoon - Palin Fails Polygraph Test, Sarah Palin ...

The full-body suit that can tell if you're lying: Polygraph monitors fidgeting suspects' movement up to 120 times a second for signs of guilt

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Earthquakes do devastating damage and can even cripple systems. But you can help protect yourself and others by preparing for them in advance.

Bob Lazar passes the lie detector test on UFOs - YouTube

Bob Lazar passes the lie detector test on UFOs