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Boob sweat, butt sweat, back sweat, pit sweat, foot sweat, neck sweat, rib sweat, thigh sweat, shall I continue?

Community Post: 25 Things Non-Runners Don't Get About Runners

25 things Non-Runners don't get about Runners. Love number Well, when do you run, what surface do you run on, what is your pacing foot strike, do you ever have foot drag...

Thinking about losing weight and don't know where to begin? There are many options available to individuals that want to quickly start losing weight and better their health. Instead of looking towards unhealthy means that promise immediate results, but...

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Go running! Run is one of the oldest forms of cardio. It's proven, tested, and effective. The fluidity of running allows the body to move in its natural pattern. It also allow one the opportunity of one to connect with mind and body. More at:

A healthier lifestyle leads to a happier life. While not everyone cares about having that perfect swimsuit body, many of us wish to make changes to our fit

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All joggers are distance runners, whether you two miles a day or ten, or whether you started running yesterday or 25 years ago. It's a healthy habit, so enjoy it!

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Gay Fitness Blog! My name is Michael and this blog is all about fitness and motivation. in 2010 I started this blog as a daily motivation to keep me on the the right track. 6 years later I have seen...

Steve Prefontaine This is pretty much my motto at Jiu Jitsu class :) Dont let the pink flowery gi fool you im vicious! Want more jiu jitsu training info to up your fight game? Check out