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Boots on the ground

Royal Air Force Officer, 1940s – or as it turns out, NOT (read comments section)

** Vintage Photo Booth Picture ** Ahem... Umm...... please excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor! Royal Air Force Officer, ca. 1940

I have died and went to heaven. Jensen in uniform. Excuse me while I gather the clothes that just exploded off of my body.

11 Korean celebrities who enlisted in the military in 2015

Siwon, such a handsome young man, it's nice to see a kpop group member who is masculine and pretty, they are often a little too feminine for my taste. :)

Man Candy 🙇🏻 on

♂ ♂ ♂ Channing Tatum

Another Israeli Army Girl

12 Hot Celebs in Military Uniforms

Renner in uniform. Yum. Interesting note--the flag patch is backwards. On that side of the uniform the stars should be to the front. As if the flag was streaming into battle.

Chris Evans. I never wanted to play Call of Duty more. Guns & Guns!

Show your support for our military both past and present with these classic American Hotties. Each image captures a retro girl representing each of the five different military branches of our armed forces.