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Discussions and arguments are exercises to find truth. Yes!!!! This to find truths or just to come to a mutual respect for a disagreement. I don't care to be wrong or right. I don't know the whole story and neither do they.

my father preached this to me, I love medicine. I love being a paramedic. Being a Nurse? I think I will always miss my "rig" but nothing gold can Quotes quotes quotes

& even when you aren't at the place you want to be, don't worry, you are getting there. God sometimes stalls you in place because He knows there are storms that still need to dissipate. Trust in His timing. It will all work out in the end for all involved

I am Kevon! My Daughters really makes me happy! I am want to secure a bright future for them! I will not settle for nothing less, I find me expressing myself a little more than usual, being single gave me a level of consciousness. I am retaking my journey

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