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40 Striking Geometric Patterns Design Inspiration

In the future Frank Gehry does away entirely with putting doors in his buildings, claiming that we've had transporter technology for years, it's just not distributed yet.

Dadu Shin Dadu Shin is my modern artist that I chose, and I would really like to keep them. But Dadu Shin has very little about them other then their love of ice cream and pizza there is nothing I can find about them. I love the soft colors and the natural setting of his work. There is also a mystery to his work with each work there is something a little off about it.

This is an example of asymmetrical balance. It has much more weight on the right side of the central axis. The design uses white space of the left side to balance out the weight.

Tessel Jet Pack Backpack from Tessel Supply - Inspired by our childhood fascination with flight, the Jet Pack is designed to rekindle the imagination of our youth. It takes aesthetic cues from geometric building blocks and stealth fighters.